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31646 09.01.2012 22:19:14, by bertrik
FS#12511 - Polish translation by Artur Juraszek
31645 09.01.2012 11:16:05, by jdgordon
r31444 missed a file. make fuzeplus sim build again
31644 09.01.2012 06:23:25, by jethead71
Fix Clip Zip bootloader build.
31643 09.01.2012 04:26:03, by saratoga
Commit FS#12454 - Faster line scroll speed by Martin Sagmuller.
31642 08.01.2012 23:29:25, by jethead71
AS3525v1/2: Enable nested handling of interrupts

Mostly for the sake of reducing latency for audio servicing where other service
routines can take a long time to complete, leading to occasional drops of a
few samples, especially in recording, where they are fairly frequent.

One mystery that remains is GPIOA IRQ being interrupted causes strange
undefined instruction exceptions, most easily produced on my Fuze V2 with a
scrollwheel. Making GPIOA the top ISR for now, thus not interruptible, cures it.

SVC mode is used during the actual calls. Hopefully the SVC stack size is
sufficient. Prologue and epilogue code only uses the IRQ stack and is large

Any routine code that should not be interrupted should disable IRQ itself from
here on in.
31641 08.01.2012 21:09:59, by bluebrother
Rename snprintf when building with MSVC to link with CRT.
31640 08.01.2012 20:51:11, by bluebrother
MSVC compatibility adjustments.

When using a global variable from a DLL with MSVC special handling is necessary
to avoid going through additional redirection.
31639 08.01.2012 18:59:52, by amiconn
Add missing languages from configure, and sort them in exactly the same order for easier maintenance.
31638 08.01.2012 18:38:40, by amiconn
Remove outdated (and buggy) configuration option for the 8MB mod. This is configured by selecting memory size directly.
31637 08.01.2012 14:59:15, by amiconn
Fix several flaws in argument handling and reconfiguring, mainly related to voice building: (1) Properly retain arguments containing spaces by re-quoting them. (2) Properly retain --tts when the default is selected by just pressing return. (3) Only append --tts and --language if they weren't already specified on the commandline, preventing duplication on 'make reconf'. (4) Never append --ttsopts and --encopts for the same reason. These are commandline only anyway.
31636 08.01.2012 13:57:02, by bertrik
Remove duplicate #include "button.h"
31635 08.01.2012 13:07:17, by nick_p
Simulator: Emulate a period of external power after charging.

Also a bit of optimisation of battery_status_update().

31634 08.01.2012 12:50:04, by bluebrother
Rockbox Utility: use libmp3lame for voice clips.

Instead of calling the lame executable use libmp3lame directly. As result, this
simplifies the prerequisites for creating voice clips for Archos devices to
putting the library in the system's search path (Windows: put libmp3lame.dll in
the search path or the same folder RockboxUtility.exe is located in. Linux:
install the library using your systems package manager) and configuration.

This creates a notable encoding speedup on Windows (around factor 6 on my test
setup) and a small speedup on Linux (around factor 1.2).

The implemenatation currently has the following limitations:
- Only enabled on Windows and Linux. On OS X installing the correct dylib is a
bit nontrivial, so using the old command line based method is still in use
for now.
- The encoder parameters are currently hardcoded to use the same values the
build system uses.
31633 08.01.2012 12:49:57, by bluebrother
Fix wrong includes.
31632 08.01.2012 11:31:29, by bertrik
FS#12406 - Updated Galician translation by Ismael Castiñeira Álvarez
31631 08.01.2012 09:55:25, by bertrik
sudoku: make local functions static and add missing #include
31630 08.01.2012 08:05:58, by saratoga
Clarify that you must reboot into the Sandisk firmware when uninstalling the bootloader.
31629 08.01.2012 03:33:43, by funman
adc-as3514.c : move to drivers
31628 08.01.2012 02:51:51, by funman
fix cpp condition
31627 08.01.2012 02:44:08, by funman
remove now unused prototype
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